(b. 1990) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium
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Dries Segers graduated from the Listahaskoli, Icelandic Academy for the Arts in Reykjavik (2011) and LUCA School of Arts, Sint Lukas Brussels (2013). His work uses light and time in a direct manner, as a means of exploring the limits of the very nature of photography. By giving photography the opportunity to encounter a process where technical and scientific rules are put to the test, Dries lets images emerge. This is expanding towards the idea of what a photographical apparatus can be and the role of the reproduction. Dries sees a camera as a system sensitive for matter. What this matter can be, is not only light. It’s a way of making dependencies between the creation of an image and defining the social and (s)cult(p)ural value of it. The work of Dries Segers has been shown in solo- and groupshows as Vitrine Gallery (Basel, Switserland), A Tale of A Tub (Rotterdam, Netherlands), The Weekend Room (Seoul, South Korea), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Musee and Galerie Botanique (Brussels, Belgium), Neue Galerie (Ausberg, Germany), Warte für Kunst (Kassel, Germany), 019 (Ghent, Belgium), BOZAR (Brussel, Belgium), Tique art space (Antwerp, Belgium), De Warande (Turnhout, Belgium) and Fotomuseum (Antwerp, Belgium).

Dries Segers at Poppositions 2019
Duo exhibition with Bram De Jonghe at DMW
Group show with Denitsa Todorova and Caroline Van den Eynden at DMW