Federico Acal invites Liesbeth Doms
24.11 – 11.12.2016 at DMW Gallery

liesbeth doms, dmw gallery, andalusian sunrise

A dialogue between Federico Acal and Liesbeth Doms, accompanied by a cocktail of their own making: the ‘Andalusian Sunrise’.

L: Andalusian sunrises are the best. The colours are more vibrant, and if you give it some time they will be washed out within an hour or so.

F: Then, the light is brighter than the sun. You cannot even open your eyes.

L: No, and if you try, tears just well up and keep on coming. You must have natural protection shells on your eyeballs by now.

F: Yes, you must have super sight powers in order to live there. Years of living here and my eye shells dropped off.

L: Let’s go live there again, the grass feels much greener.

Federico Acal and Liesbeth Doms concluded their collaboration at DMW Gallery with the presentation of two multiples. For more about these multiples and their availability, see the section ‘Duo Show Multiples’ on this site.