Jehoshua Rozenman invites Detlef Waschkau
05.12.19 – 11.01.20 at DMW Gallery

jehoshua rozenman, detlef waschkau, dmw gallery, beyond the matter

Jehoshua Rozenman invites Detlef Waschau for a dialogue of seemingly fragile glass sculptures and daring woodcuts, to surprising effect.

“Glass is a material with any number of dualities. It has more chance of surviving than a painting, but it can also shatter into pieces. It can break and is fragile, but it can also last thousands of years. It can be a thing of beauty, but it can also show the dark side of life. It is strong, but in my work it is also enormously vulnerable with sharp corners and protrusions. The issue of whether a work of art will defy time or shatter to pieces is something that interests me. To me, glass is not the message, but the bridge to convey the message. Maybe it is the confusion that appeals to me. It is exciting to use a material people associate with functionality or trinkets. In a sense, my work is aesthetic but not beautiful. I do not make decorative objects and I do not emphasize the cheerful side of life. What I am looking for are images that can have meaning. That can be a metaphor for something else. I am balancing on a borderline.”

Jehoshua Rozenman