Duo exhibition Emilie Terlinden & Lucie Lanzini
13 January – 23 February 2022

emilie terlinden, Calathea Maranta, painting, dmw gallery, artist

Emilie Terlinden & Lucie Lanzini

Vernissage Thu 13 January 2022 from 6-9 PM
Borger Fri 28 January 2022 from 2-10 PM
Finissage Sat 26 February from 2-6 PM

‘LURE ME IN’ is a duo exhibition bringing together the unique works of Emilie Terlinden and Lucie Lanzini. On view at DMW Gallery Antwerp from 13 January through 26 February 2022.

‘To lure someone in’ is generally understood as the quality or power possessed by something or someone that makes it attractive, while giving the illusion of what it is not. It can refer to the act of luring an animal into a trap, or of tricking someone into believing in a false reality in order to get them to act in a certain way.  

‘The lure’, then, is the cornerstone where Emilie Terlinden and Lucie Lanzini’s works meet. They have in common the desire to seduce the viewer by playing with composition, scale and materials in order to question, to trick the spectator’s glance. Be it in two or three dimensions, the artists’ works play at revealing what lies beyond the appearance of things. The natural elements they have chosen (leaves, wings, nuts) undergo a dramatic transformation, shifting these readily recognizable elements towards a novel plane that questions the register with which the eye is usually accustomed to associate them.

‘LURE ME IN’ is also the desire to trick oneself, the artist facing herself in her studio, as the only spectator of what is at stake, and trying to take the necessary distance in order to propose pieces that question our perception through elements of natural origin. Is it a question of artifice, of deception, or of trying to reveal the hidden part of what is already visible?