Ellen Pil invites Willem Boel
12.05 – 26.06.2022

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Ellen Pil (°1982) and Willem Boel (°1983) duel on two locations: at DMW Gallery Antwerp and a new location at Leeuwerikstraat 20.

(YOUR TEXT HERE) explores the tension between repetition and authenticity, between template and unique piece, between outline and content.

Willem Boel transforms his installations, which consist of assemblages or interpretations of found material, by covering them with paint in a repetitive process. This way, memories of an industrial or functional past are painted over, layer by layer, and pare into art. The works reveal — as protagonists — the protracted time they spent in the artist’s company.

Reproduction and repetition are central to the work of Ellen Pil as well. For her, they are the engine of perfection, an echo of industrial production processes and the virtually unlimited possibilities of contemporary apps and tools. Pil’s work is an attempt to break through the perfect picture, in defiance of habits and obviousness.Through a ‘reverse process of assembly’, she brings together forgotten context and lost functions in a one-off template. She glues, as it were, the gleanings together.

Ironically, both artists negate the repetitive element in their work with this one-off exhibition, in which two universes collide and converge in all their differences and similarities. Like an assemblage of two molds, with an unpredictable outcome.

List of artworks available here.

willem boel, dmw gallery, your text here, sculpture