Group Show curated by Tamara Beheydt
10 November – 17 December 2022

Je tembarrasse, DMW Gallery, Flyer, exhibition

A Group Show with:

Aurélie Bayad
Oona Bovri
Vaast Colson
Marijke De Roover
Messieurs Delmotte
Gerard Herman
Guy Van Bossche
Nina Van Denbempt
Charlot Van Geert
Johanna Van Overmeir

Discomfort, uneasiness, or cringing… Embarrassment encompasses an entire spectrum – it often manifests itself both physically and psychologically and as an emotion, it makes us question things. It is also very human, irrational and absurd, often painful but also playful. It could vary from slapstick, over indiscretion, misunderstanding, sexual desire, to political (in)correctness. The exhibition is about all that – about shame, stuttering, stumbling; about unwritten social rules and the humoristic potential of it all.

Curated by Tamara Beheydt
Graphic design by Emma Thyssen